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Chili Pepper Litter
Kody x Mira
Bred by:  Donna Lynch (Hamrya) & AmberWind
Born: June 16, 2008
4 boys & 2 girls

Boy 1
Amberwind Hamrya Bacio de Santana
Owned by: Melissa Egbert

Boy 2
Amberwind Hamrya Habanero
Owned by:  Julia & Susan Mallonee

Boy 3
Amberwind Hamrya One Hot Pepper

Owned by:  Susan Mallonee & Donna Lynch

Boy 4
Amberwind Hamrya Dragons Claw
Owned by:  Liz Campbell

Girl 1
Minnie Mee
Amberwind Hamrya Tears of Fire

Owned by:  Susan Mallonee & Sandra Holley

Girl 2
Hamrya Amberwind Corbaci

Owned by:  Casey & Rob Pope, Donna Lynch, & Susan Mallonee

Pepper pedigree

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