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AmberWind's Latest News & Updates

6/6/10PIPER, Hamrya’s Wicked Storm at AmberWind, Flatirons KC 2 "PIPER" wins BEST OF BREED over 5 Specials for a 4pt MAJOR!!! Thank you Mr Russell McFadden!a> 6/5/10PIPER, Hamrya’s Wicked Storm at AmberWind, Flatirons KC "PIPER" wins Open & RWBa> 5/16/10PIPER, Hamrya’s Wicked Storm at AmberWind, Rio Grande Kennel Club, Albuquerque, New Mexico "PIPER wins large Open bitch class-on to RWB Saturday, judge Dr Robert Smith, Sunday, "PIPER" wins Open bitches again and WB for a 3pt major! She was also BEST OF WINNERS!a> 5/9/10Hamrya’s Wicked Storm at AmberWind, goes to her first AKC Lure Trial wins the Open Stake for a 5pt MAJOR!!!a> March 26/10 Am DC Can CH Amberwind Casanova SC LCM2 FCHV American Whippet Club National Specialty, "KODY" wins both his regular Veteran Dog 10-12yr class & his Sweepstakes 1012yr class and on to BEST OF OPPOSITE IN VETERAN Sweeps. 4/22/10href="Whippets/Kody/Piper/hamrya's_wicked%20storm%20at%20amberwind.htm">PIPER, Hamrya’s Wicked Storm at AmberWind, American Whippet Club National Specialty "PIPER" wins the huge 12=18 month bitch class just 2 days after turning 12 months old “KODY” March 26/10 Am DC Can CH Amberwind Casanova SC LCM2 FCHV Lone Star Whippet Specialty Select Award at 11 yrs old, judge Betty Stites

March 26/10:  “ZEUS”,  CH AmberWind Hamrya One Hot Pepper JC FCH  Lone Star Whippet Specialty BEST of OPPOSITE SEX! Thank you judge Betty Stites. This was Zeus's first time out as a special!

February 12 -15/10:  “ZEUS”,  CH AmberWind Hamrya One Hot Pepper JC FCH  completes his AKC CHAMPIONSHIP with THREE majors!  February 12th Plum Creek KC judge Carol Spritzer WD/BOS 3pt major, February 13th Plum Creek KC judge Dr Gareth Morgan Jones WD/BOS (over specials) 4pt major.  Dr Jones saying ZEUS is a “beautifully made dog with outstanding movement”. February 15th Colorado Kennel Club judge Judith Newton WD/BOS(over specials) 3pt major.

January 22/10:  MINNIE ME finishes her ASFA Field Championship!

January 17/10:  PIPER, Hamrya’s Wicked Storm at AmberWind, goes to her first fun march and wins BEST PUPPY IN MATCH!

December 26 & 27/09:  ZEUS wins FCH Stake his first weekend out as a Field Champion.  KRUZ finishes 2009 as CLCA’s #1 coursing whippet and #1 COURSING HOUND!!!!

December 13/09 MINNIE ME wins another  ASFA BEST IN FIELD!

December 12/09 NESSA completes her ASFA Field Championship!

November 29/09:  DRACO goes BEST OF BREED for his second AKC Lure Coursing 5pt major, in Chino, California.

November 28&29/09:  MINNIE ME wins the Open Stake both Fri & Sat and onto BEST IN FIELD (Saturday) in tough California coursing competition!!!

November 21&22/09:  ZEUS wins a 1st & 2nd place Open stake RWIWA coursing to finish his FCh!  Brother “PEPPIE”,  Amberwind Hamrya Habanero (o:Julia Mallonee) wins 2nd & 1st place his first trial.  KRUZ wins FCH stake both days!!!!!

November 7/09:  KIWI earns WB to finish at Southern Colorado Kennel Club, thank you judge Richard Bauer.

October  3&4/09:  KRUZ wins FCh stake both days and ZEUS wins Open stake both day CLCA lure coursing!

September 26/09:  PEPPIE “Amberwind Hamrya Habanero" goes RWD to brother ZEUS!  This was his and owner, Julia Mallonee’s, first time in the show ring together.

September 26&27/09:  ZEUS goes WD both days grand Valley Kennel club.  Thank you judges Dr & Mrs Smith.

September 26&27/09:  KAYLA first show back after her shoulder surgery, captures WB/BOW/BOB and HOUND GROUP FIRST!!!!!!!  Thank you judge Dr Robert Smith.  Next day KAYLA goes WB to finish and on to BOW/BOB, Thank you judge Mrs. Smith.

September 4 & 5/09:  Zeus earns JC and places 2nd Friday then 1st & BOB Saturday at his first ASFA trials.  DRACO – Amberwind Hamrya Dragons Claw (owner Liz Campell) earns his JC the goes AKC BEST IN FIELD his first time entered for a 5pt major

August 29/09:  KIWI captures her FOURTH MAJOR from BBE Cheyenne KC, judge Mr Steven Hubbel!

August 28/09:  NESSA earns her Rally Excellence titled placing 2nd in her class!  MINNIE ME earns her Rally Advanced title also earning 2nd in her class!

August 23/09:  ZEUS places 8th at NAWRA Straight race, 20 running!

August 22/09:  “PIPER” Hamrya’s Wicked Storm at AmberWind (DC AmberWinds Casanova SC LCM2 VFCH x CH Hamrya’s Ultimate Survivor) bred by Donna Lynch & Sharon Karam,  arrives at her new home with us at AmberWind.

July 19/2009:  KRUZ places 6th out of 21 in his first NAWRA Straight race earning his first points toward SRE title

June 7/09:  MINNIE ME-AmberWind Hamrya Tears of Fire RN earns a MAJOR at Contra Costa Kennel Club, judge Pattie Wick-Neale.  KRUZ-Amberwind Nasusa Must Be T'Moon, JC, FCh earns his THIRD major to finish his AKC Championship at Colorado Springs Kennel Club, judge Sidney Marx.

June 6/09:    MINNIE ME-AmberWind Hamrya Tears of Fire RN earns her 2nd Rally Advanced leg.  Kiwi-Amberwind Nasusa Mystic Moon captures her 3rd major Colorado Springs Kennel Club, judge Judy Parks.

May 30-31/09: KRUZ- Amberwind Nasusa Must Be T'Moon, JC, FCh captures BOTH of his majors at Flatirons Kennel Club judges Julie Holm and Lester Mapes.

May 23-24/09: Minnie Me AmberWind Hamrya Tears of Fire goes WB both days at Hangtown Kennel Club judges Donna Cole and Elaine Mathis.

May 23/09: KIWI-Amberwind Nasusa Mystic Moon goes BOW 4pt major judge Col Joe Purkhiser at Central Wyoming KC

May 16/09:  Minnie Me-AmberWind Hamrya Tears of Fire  completes her RN

April 20/09:  CHRISTY- CH Hamrya’s Ultimate Survivor whelps 5 puppies sired by KODY.  3 boys, 2 girls, at Hamrya.

April 7/09:  ZEUS  - Amberwind Hamrya One Hot Pepper wins his Futurity class as the AWC National Specialty, Atlanta, Georgia!

April 2-3-5/09:  MINNIE ME – AmberWind Hamrya Tears of Fire goes WB/BOS under judges Mrs Houston Clark, Mr Houston Clark and Dale Simmons at the Sierra-Tuolumne shows.

March 29/09:  ZEUS- Amberwind Hamrya One Hot Pepper goes WD/BOS judge Dr Steven Keating at Scottsbluff Kennel Club

March 6/09:  KRUZ - Amberwind Nasusa Must Be T'Moon, JC, FCh goes BOW for 2pts Garden City KC, judge Lorraine Boutwell.

February 23/09:  KRUZ - Amberwind Nasusa Must Be T'Moon, JC, FCh completes his AFSA Field Championship.  KODA -  AmberWind Nasusa First Starr SC LCM wins FCH stake both days first lure trial of the year.  New photos of Kanook, Zeus & Baci.

February 16/09:  KIWI - Amberwind Nasusa Mystic Moon earns her first points  A MAJOR, judge Lena Tamboer Colorado Kennel Club.  KIWI is owned by Dorothy Lindmier and co-owned by Amberwind.

February 14/09:  KAYLA - Amberwind Nasusa Indigo Moon JC, FCh. earns her THIRD major judge Steven Gladstone, going WB/BOW/BOS (over special) Best BBE and on to BBE Group 3rd!!!  This was the only day she was entered at the Rocky Mountain Cluster.

February 8/09:  ZEUS - AmberWind Hamrya One Hot Pepper wins large Puppy Hound Group at Flatirons KC Match.

January 2009:  KODA  AmberWind Nasusa First Starr SC LCM becomes Colorado Lure Coursing Associations Brest of Breed Whippet for 2008, earning 250 coursing points.MINNIE ME “AmberWind Hamrya Tears of Fire” (owner Sandra Holley)  wins Best of Breed for her first points at Golden Gate KC under judge Pat Trotter, Minnie also was Best Group and won Group 4th in a large Puppy Hound group entry the same day.

November 9/08:  “NESSA” Amberwind Nasusa Wicked Moon RN completes her Rally Advanced title and places third!  “KAYLA”  Amberwind Nasusa Indigo Moon JC goes Winners Bitch for 2 pts judge Gretchen Bernardi.  “KODY” Am DC Can CH Amberwind Casanova SC LCM2 FCHV wins the Veteran Hound Group at the Southern Colorado Kennel Club.  “ZEUS” Amberwind Hamrya One Hot Pepper goes Puppy Hound Group 2nd at his first match.

September 13/08:  DC.Can.Ch. Amberwind Casanova SC LCM, "Kody", runs in his 7th Colorado Grand National, he won in 2001, and earns his VETERAN FIELD CHAMPIONSHIP

September 7/08:  “KAYLA” Amberwind Nasusa Indigo Moon JC  wins BOW and a 3pt major at Evergreen Kennel Club under sighthound authority Dr. John Reeves-Newson.

August 30/08:  Amberwind Nasusa Wicked Moon “Nessa”, owner Sandra Holley win 2nd place in their first Disc Dogs Competition.  Nessa also earns her first two legs towards her Rally Obedience title with scores of 92.  Amberwind Nasusa First Starr SC FCH “KODA”  completes her LCM in Morgan Utah winning the FCH stake both days.  Amberwind Nasusa Must Be t’Moon “Kruz” and Amberwind Nasusa Indigo Moon “Kayla” earn their Junior Coursing title in Morgan Utah.

July 29/08:  New photos of the Chili Pepper Litter Whippet puppies at 6 weeks

July 6/08:  Amberwind Nasusa Cosmic Sun SC  "KJ" finishes his ASFA Field Championship Cheyenne, WY

June 29/08:  Amberwind Nasusa Indigo Moon “Kayla” goes WB/BOS (over a special) and Best BBE judge Monica Canestrini and BBE Group 2 under judge Gloria Geringer  

June 28/08:  Amberwind Nasusa Must Be T'Moon "Kruz" goes RWD, Best Puppy judge Gloria Geringer  and Puppy Group 3 under judge Monica Canestrini

June 16/08:  Mira delivered her litter of 6 happy healthy puppies.  4 boys and 2 girls

May 31 & June 1/08:  Flatirons KC:  Amberwind Nasusa Must Be T'Moon "Kruz" is awarded Winners Dog under Mrs. Cindy Scott.  On the 1st he is awarded BOW under Mr. Dale Simmons

May 25/08:  Am.DC.Can.Ch. Amberwind’s Casanova, SC, LCM earned his LCM 2 at the Utah Sighthound Racing and Coursing Club

April 15 & 16/08:  Terry-All KC: Amberwind Nasusa Must Be T'Moon "Kruz" is awarded Winners Dog under Linda Scanlon.  Amberwind Nasusa Indigo Moon “Kayla” is WB & BOS under Mr. Willam Russell, Jr.

March 29 & 30/08:  Scottsbluff Kennel Club: Amberwind Nasusa Must Be T'Moon "Kruz"  is awarded Winners Dog both days for his first points. 

March 22/08:  Fort Worth KC, Breeder Judge:  Joan Goldstein
Amberwind Nasusa Mystic Moon “Kiwi” wins 6-9 class,  Amberwind Nasusa Indigo Moon “Kayla” wins BBE and RWB to a 5pt major, & DC.Can.Ch. Amberwind Casanova SC LCM  wins Best of Breed in an  entry of 50 whippets  at 9yrs old.

March 21/08:  Lone Star Whippet Specialty:  Amberwind Nasusa Indigo Moon “Kayla” is awarded BOSweeps  under Kathy Lyons.  DC.Can.Ch. Amberwind Casanova SC LCM, receives an Award of Merit from the Veterans Class under Breeder Judge,  Traci Hite

December 30/07:  Completely revamped website and new web address



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